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We are a charcuterie catering company based in Maui that seeks to bring people together through the love of cheese. We started small in 2021 by creating platters and boxes for friends and family and have grown to now providing charcuterie arrangements for locals, Maui businesses, and visitors who want to experience delightful flavor combinations on the go in the Maui sun or during their gatherings.

About Becca!

Becca has always had a love for creating beautiful food and entrepreneurship. From baking coconut macaroons and selling them around her Kihei neighborhood as a child to developing her own online clothing store in middle school. Becca has always enjoyed creating for others! A recent college graduate and current Master's candidate, Becca aims to provide the island of Maui with colorful cheese and charcuterie platters that satisfy her customer's needs while bringing people together.

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